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BenQ Introduces Worlds First Desktop LED Lamp for e-Reading

Sydney, Australia, February 2014:        BenQ have proven that not all monitors are created equal with their new EW40 series - the first panels to be released by the company featuring both innovative Flicker-free and now, unique LBL (Low Blue Light) technology, making BenQ’s monitors the supreme choice for eye comfort and health.
The new EW40 series monitors are ‘easy on the eye’ quite literally, as well as being attractive in design.  These stylish, slimline monitors are amongst the first to be released by BenQ as part of their new eye-care initiative. 
It won’t come as a surprise to students and office workers to learn that research has now concluded that viewing at a computer screen for long periods of time is not healthy for our eyes.  CVS, or computer vision syndrome is a very real condition resulting in headaches, migraine, blurred vision, difficulty focusing, sore and irritated eyes and muscle strain.
More significantly, however, prolonged viewing of digital screens is now widely believed by ophthalmologists to be responsible for more serious conditions, due to the blue light that contemporary LED screens emit.  It’s been termed the ‘blue light hazard’ and it’s thought to lead to retinal problems which consequentially may lead to age-related macular degeneration.
The simple solution is to filter out the blue light.  BenQ is the first manufacturer to do so with their commitment to eye-care now a premium selling point for their range of computer monitors. 
Said Martin Moelle, MD for BenQ Australia, “We’re phasing in LBL technology across our range with the EW40 series the first to hit retail shelves featuring our unique eye care promise.   LBL technology is designed to deal with the issue of blue light exposure and allows for healthier time spent in front of a computer. 
“We take this issue very seriously and have committed to incorporate what we like to refer to as ‘eyegonomics’ into our range, promoting our brand as one committed to eye health and general wellbeing,” he said.

BenQ’s LBL technology provides the user with four preset LBL modes:
Multimedia:                 reducing the levels of blue light by up to 30%
Web Surfing:                reducing the levels of blue light by up to 50%
Office:                          reducing the levels of blue light by up to 60%
Reading:                                  reducing the levels of blue light by up to 70%
Initially two models within the EW40 series will be released – the 24” EW2440L and the larger 27” EW2740L, retailing for $249.00 and $309.00 respectively.
Health benefits aside, the new monitors boast a sophisticated minimalistic appearance – an ultra slim bezel and exclusively designed and patented smartphone holder and seamless IO port integration.  Featuring MHL, the next generation HD connection, the monitors allow audiovisual enthusiasts to connect their smartphones and gain access to a wide range of mobile content, from documents and photos to Full HD videos.  BenQ have even provided a ‘mobile to big screen’ experience with the inclusion of their new ‘cinema mode’ feature.
“The EW series monitors are an exciting addition to our line-up in Australia,” continued Moelle, “because they cater to the changing consumer demands of today’s content-rich world.  The newly incorporated MHL connectivity will bring more ease and flexibility to mobile to monitor entertainment while our visual optimisation technologies bring consistently high-quality images across all digital content sources,” he said.
The EW2440L $249.00 and EW2740L $309.00 monitors are now available.  For further information or stockist details please visit www.BenQ.com.au or call 1300 130 336.  For further information on eye-care, please visit: http://www.benq.com.au/microsite/eyecare/au/index.html
Note to Journalists:  product is available for review.  To arrange please contact Toni Ruhle on 0413 721 290 or preferably Email: fyi@optusnet.com.au  Images available on request.
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