BenQ ZOWIE Announces Arrival of New Printed Edition of the ZOWIE G-SR Mousepad in Australia

The new ZOWIE G-SR SE is available now at selected ZOWIE resellers!


SYDNEY, Australia, July 12th, 2017 – BenQ ZOWIE are proud to announce the release of our new edition of the ZOWIE G-SR series mousepad, the G-SR SE.

The ZOWIE G-SR SE is our answer to all who have asked for the feeling of the old G-SR blue mousepad. We are aware that even though the G-SR black has the same surface, players can feel a difference in texture due to the lack of a printed surface. Our new G-SR SE has a printed design, which gives it have the exact same feeling as the old ZOWIE G-SR Blue, offering players an alternative design to our traditional black G-SR series mousepad.

The ZOWIE G-SR SE is available now at selected ZOWIE retailers. For availability on the G-SR SE near you, consult our brand new local Where To Buy page for ZOWIE products here


G-SR-SE SR-SE was designed for gamers that enjoy the comfort of a rubber base in a cloth mousepad. The unique soft rubber base is 100% flat. It provides comfort while maintaining a consistent glide across the mousepad. The SR-SE provides a different glide from the black G-SR.