BenQ ZOWIE Announces New XL2735 27-Inch 144Hz 1ms Monitor for PC e-Sports with Exclusive Dynamic Accuracy Technology

Same 144Hz, Perfect Clarity.


SYDNEY, Australia, Oct 6, 2016 – ZOWIE, the premium eSports brand by BenQ is proud to announce the new XL2735 144Hz 1ms 27-inch e-Sports monitor for PC. Designed for PC gaming, the XL2735 eSports monitor is designed to enhance the competitive gaming experience, by introducing BenQ ZOWIE's exclusive technology – Dynamic Accuracy.

Dynamic Accuracy, or DyAc, is designed to maintain remarkable clarity and reduce screen tearing during in game movement. When competing in FPS eSports at the highest level, the speed at which you move and react to the game will dramatically affect your performance. Our exclusive Dynamic Accuracy technology allows players to clearly see enemies and objects while in motion, combining the visual clarity of standing still with the advantages of movement.

A visual demonstation of DyAc in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be seen here. 

Dynamic Accuracy for the XL2735 is one of many features developed by BenQ ZOWIE for eSports professionals. The BenQ ZOWIE XL Series has been adopted by most professional FPS eSports tournaments and players worldwide.

For more information on the XL2735, check out the product’s page on the official ZOWIE website. 

The new XL2735 is now available from most official ZOWIE partners. For updates on product availability, be sure to stay tuned to the retailers' webpages as well as our own Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Limited review samples of the XL2735 are available to media on request. Please email BenQ Australia at the email address in the header of this press release. 


XL2735 Experience a consistently flawless view of fast-moving action and dramatic transitions with an incredibly smooth 144Hz refresh rate. Conquer your opponents with the highest precision. Designed for PC gaming, our exclusive Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc) technology is designed to enhance the competitive gaming experience by maintaining remarkable clarity during in game movement at higher refresh rates. BenQ ZOWIE's XL-series features the premiere monitors for PC e-Sports, fine-tuned to guarantee the smoothest and responsive experience, and the clearest images to arm you for competition.