BenQ ZOWIE Celeritas II Optical Keyboard for e-Sports

Optimal & Precise Pretravel

Tried and Tested by the Best

The ZOWIE Celeritas II features an optimal and more precise pretravel distance, which is the distance the key has to travel before the signal is activated and an action is performed. This optimal pretravel has been tried and perfected by some of the most knowledgable players in eSports.


High Quality Iron Spring

Consistent keystroke, Improved Durability

The High Quality Iron Spring within the Celeritas II provides a consistent keystroke, allowing players to apply consistent actuation pressure to the key press without requiring additional force to activate the keystroke, while also improving durability to meet the standard required in eSports.

Driverless Design

The Celeritas II is 100% driverless, allowing players to plug and play, without having to install additional software.


Optical Switch

The Celeritas II introduces the optical switch, which uses light actuation instead of mechanical components to detect and trigger the keystroke. The Optical switch is designed to avoid durability and reliability issues that may arise from traditional mechanical switches, allowing players to get a longer life out of their keyboard.

Red LED Backlighting

The Red LED illuminated keys within the Celeritas II can be brightness adjusted and disabled using the function keys.